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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864

Music - A language like no other

REPORT – Nov 1, 2023 – Music is a “language” like no other and playing music on a piano is what we recommend to get the most out of your music in an active, personal way – So why is great music so awesome and a language that most everyone can understand even without speaking it? For me personally, without music, life would be…lifeless. Music is just about everywhere we go and everywhere we are. It’s on TV, in the movies you watch, it’s in the air when birds are singing, it’s in stores where you shop and restaurants where you eat, and of course it’s playing in your car. People make a point of going to concerts to see and hear all kinds of music. Music and related aspects of music is also a multi billion dollar business on several different levels.

But why? Why is music so important to so many people and what does music actually do when you hear it, play it, sing it, move to it, or dance to it? The answer is actually simple; music “moves your inner soul” and allows you to express yourself on a deep, emotional level like nothing else can. It will help you make lasting memories and will also instantly bring back memories, even from many years ago, memories that you might have thought were gone.
world map

Music brings people together like no other form of commination. You can grow up and live in a variety of countries and cultures and speak different languages, but once someone or a group of people are playing, dancing to, and/or singing their favorite music, those activities are the ultimate source of expressive happiness for themselves and the people around them. You can instantly appreciate that music even if you don’t understand the words and speak the language. There’s just something about music that can bring you together “in harmony” with other people you don’t even know.

A world without music

Imagine a world without music! Think of what it would be like at Disneyland, movies (especially those dominated by thematic music), shopping malls, stores, parades, restaurants, 4th of July, Christmas, churches, schools, birthday parties, shows, TV, amusement parks, radio, YouTube videos, concerts, etc if there was no music! What a huge difference music makes in the lives of human beings and even animals. Singing is music so what would it be like without singing? Singing is music because it requires timing, melody and also harmony if 2 or more people are singing different “parts.”

Without music there would be no need for pianos, guitars, violins, flutes, trumpets, bells, harps, and hundreds of other types of instruments. No need for bands or orchestras. You would never have the need to go to a concert. Imagine walking around and existing in a world without music. Even things like video games have music and lots of it. Current technology is full of music in so many ways.  
Music brings families together - photo of kids at piano

Music also brings family members together, both young and old. It’s a way of developing relationships that go deeper than just the surface. Music touches you like nothing else can, especially if you have a child or grandchild, or brother or sister, or Mother or Father  who can play music and express themselves in that way. You listen to them and watch them and feel so blessed that they are learning to play or already play music on an instrument. 

Music expands your knowledge and horizons, your friendships, your relationships, and can later encourage you or comfort you as you go along in life. My wife plays music and sings, my 4 children can all play music and 2 of them are also piano teachers, Most of my grandkids play music (piano & violin) and many of my friends play music and sing. Families who play music together, stay together.


I personally love almost all styles and types of music from around the world. It’s amazing how many styles and forms of music there are such as music from various countries in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, Scandinavia, and the list goes on. I can know virtually nothing about a culture or country outside my experience, but when I hear their music it’s like instantly speaking their language and also an immediate way of understanding them and communicating with them on a different level than anything else.

Playing Music makes you smarter

Music will also make you “smarter.” There have been numerous studies over the years that prove kids will be smarter overall and have a higher IQ if you get them involved in playing a musical instrument, no matter what it is. A piano will really get those brain waves flowing because you are learning and playing both melody and harmony along with rhythm and those things take more brain power and finger dexterity. Kids who might be a bit socially awkward or shy respond much better if they know how to play an instrument or sing. They will also likely do better in school academically because they can play an instrument such as a piano. I know it can be a sacrifice in money and time to get your kids involved in that way, but it’s so worth it and it’s a investment in their future. “Music is magic!”

Young and older enjoying playing the piano and learning

Everyone seems to like music, from 1 years old to 100 years old. Babies in the womb can also hear music and move to it as well…very fascinating actually. Even if people don’t have a natural feel or ability to play, sing, or dance/move to it, they still like it. Music is essentially rhythm combined with melodies and harmonies. Rhythm is the basis and backbone of pretty much all music. Without rhythm, as human beings we would not walk correctly because to walk correctly you need to move in rhythm and have timing. Timing is when you jump at the right time, throw the ball at the right time, swing at the right time, and pretty much do anything. Timing is built in to our minds and our bodies respond. 

flying birds

Birds also have rhythm and timing or they could not fly. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that birds don’t run into each other when they fly closely together? They need to have precise timing or they cannot do that. They can’t put together a flight plan and watch that they don’t crash into each other all the time. They need to have some “mechanism” built into their brain and consciousness to fly and move their wings correctly and make it to their destination. Ocean waves have rhythm as they go in and out from the shore. Dolphins have rhythm and timing when they jump and swim. Nature is moving with rhythm and timing…it is everywhere. Rhythm and timing is an integral part of music and life.

Musicians playing in a band

Musicians generally have good timing (they have to) and the more aware of rhythm and timing they are, the better musicians they can become. There are so many rhythmic time movements such as 3/4 time, 4/4 time. 5/4 time. 6/8 time, and so on. Many people can just “feel” the rhythm they hear in the music and even though they may not know what that time signature is called, they can feel it perfectly. Some people cannot feel the music because they don’t quite have that “gift.” But it is rare to find someone who does not like some form of music. 

Mom and her 2 sons playing piano

Music can help push you towards being a positive, expressive person or it can also pull you into being a negative, repressive person. This is because music has “power.” It is that power that can and does move emotions and bring those emotions out in either positive ways or negative ways. Music is not neutral…it is “force of nature” that lives inside of us and can come out in a variety of ways as I have already mentioned. My goal is for music to always be a good, positive force in the lives of people I talk and work with. The music needs to be uplifting emotionally along with words (lyrics) also being positive and uplifting and this is especially true and necessary for kids as well as adults.

Melody and harmony notes

Melody and harmony are the other 2 parts of music. Melody is the main lead/singing part and harmony is accompaniment and/or blending notes with the melody. There are many people who can quickly tell when melody and harmony are not in tune with each other such as when two voices are singing together, or a person is playing multiple notes on a piano, or when two or more instruments are playing together. 

When notes (music) are “out of tune,” the brain and the ears don’t like that…it’s just not pleasurable. It’s interesting to note that music and being in tune is very mathematical. Yes, math is involved when it comes to musical tones and whether those tones sound good or not. Whether it is a stringed instrument like a piano, guitar, harp, or violin, those strings need to be a certain length, a certain distance from each other, and a certain thickness for those strings to not only sound good, but to also be “in tune.”

There are some people who literally cannot tell when a stringed instrument is out of tune, no matter how hard they try. They just cannot hear it. As we say “they just don’t have the ear for it.” But other people cringe when they hear voices and/or instruments that are out of tune with each other or by themselves. That’s why there are piano tuners who tune acoustic pianos and also electronic tuners to help people tune their own guitars, harps, violins, etc. Playing an instrument that is “out of tune” is not fun and not enjoyable, especially for me. I also play other instruments including guitar and I always seem to be tuning my guitar strings to get them in good tune. That’s another reason I love digital pianos…they don’t go out of tune!

melody and harmony - notation

Here’s another way to explain it: the secret to musical harmony and good sounding music really is simple math ratios: the simpler the ratio, the more pleasing or consonant two notes will sound together. The more complex the ratio, the more dissonant they will sound. And it’s this interplay between tension and release, or consonance and dissonance, that makes what we call “music.” There is also rhythm and harmony in the cosmos…it is literally everywhere. 

Keyboard image

We see music, feel music, hear music, and can be deeply affected by music on an emotional level that can instantly bring tears to our eyes or joy to our hearts, or both simultaneously. Music is amazing and can get way down into your soul like nothing else can. It is the way many people “communicate” and “express themselves.” I personally know very talented musicians who are normally shy and/or introverted. But when they start playing the piano, playing other instruments, singing, or dancing, then all of a sudden they “light up” and music starts flowing out of them. 

They are communicating and expressing themselves in a way they typically cannot do without music in their life. It is almost like they are another person when they play music and/or sing. I have seen this same thing happen with autistic people where the music they are playing allows them to communicate in a way they cannot otherwise do. 

When a person looks closely at these things they find out that music can also be a field of study as in “music psychology” and looking at what music does to the mind and behavior of many individuals from all demographics and walks of life when they are surrounded by or involved with music in some way. Music taps into their emotions like nothing else can. For a lot of people around the world, music is definitely their 2nd language. It is the ultimate way for many children and adults to express themselves from the inside out. I know for a fact that if some of them had their way they would play music for free and just do that all day long because playing music makes them feel so good, and it’s hard to not not like that feeling and want more of it! With all this in mind, in my opinion you owe it to your family, to your kids, and to yourself to get involved with music on a personal level and experience these incredible feelings for yourself.

piano teacher & studentLearn to play music on an instrument (I prefer piano), learn to sing it, to dance to it, and get it into your life and/or the lives of your children. Music can be with you until the day you die, and if you learn to play piano, especially on a digital piano, you will be amazed at what it will do for you for in years to come. Good digital pianos do not go out of tune as I mentioned, can be played quietly or loudly with volume control, can be played silently by wearing headphones, and you can record what you are doing for practice purposes, and some also use Bluetooth wireless technology to play along with your favorite songs. 

Be sure to thank a music teacher if you see one or know one. Without those great, hard working music teachers out there helping and teaching their students, we would definitely not be musically at the level that we are now as a society in a variety of ways. 

Casio AP-470 digital piano

Also, when it comes to new digital pianos, there are many brands and models out there. But one that all kinds of people like including musicians and teachers is the Casio AP-470. It’s quite attractive and comes in 3 cabinet colors, plays like a real higher quality piano, sounds great, has some helpful learning technology on it, and is in a relatively lower price range at under $2000. It’s called the Casio Celviano AP-470 at just $1699 and I highly recommend it. The Casio company has been around for a very long time, their pianos are reliable and well built, and they tend to offer the “biggest bang for the buck” in many price ranges. Check out my review of this piano at the following link: Casio AP-470 Review

Arianna Fourt playing piano

At this point I want to give you samples of  the music that moves me by watching and listening to the videos below. I believe you will enjoy many of them and likely have not seen or heard them before. For me it’s an honor to have known and currently know some incredible musicians who “move me” musically in an emotional way because of their love of music combined with their impressive musical talent. These musicians in the various videos “feel the music & the love” when they play and sing and no doubt want you to feel it, appreciate it, and have it inspire you as well, just as I do. Music is Life. Music is Passion. ??

*Oh…one more thing. Check out my report on Dementia and Music (after you see the videos on this page) and what music can do for older folks who have dementia but had played piano and/or listened or danced to their favorite music when they were young, before having dementia. You’ll see some incredible videos in my report that just may bring some tears to your eyes. Dementia & Music – 2023 Report

* check out these music performance videos below from a variety of musicians that I believe can move your musical soul…assuming you have one.? If you don’t have one then you may get one after you watch some of these videos ?♫?

If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts or Amazon, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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