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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864

Arianna (Praskins) Fourt – Pianist, singer, performer, accompanist, and pro musician in Phoenix, Arizona.

picture of Arianna Fourt

So who is Arianna (Praskins) Fourt? Well…first of all she is my (Tim Praskins) youngest daughter. She is also a wife of a very special guy and musician, busy mother of 4 beautiful children, and has a busy career including being a nurse, naturopathic advisor, and musician in Phoenix, Arizona. Arianna has been playing piano since she was 3 years old and taking piano lessons up through most of high school. When Arianna was just 12 years old she was already accompanying local college choirs as well as her high school choirs,,,that’s how good she became after taking years of lessons and practicing daily. 

Arianna had always sung in the house when growing up and not until middle school (Jr high) did she really start singing in public. Once she got into high school she advanced in her singing and sight-reading skills so much that she was
picture of Arianna Fourt & Billy Fourt
selected to represent her entire high school in a state wide “all-state” choir where only the top vocalists and music sight-readers from all high schools in Arizona could attend. 

Arianna started teaching private piano lessons when she was just 15 years old and then was hired to teach group piano lessons in a music school when she was just 17 years old. After high school was completed Arianna continued to play and teach and accompanied some local orchestras playing advanced classical and pop music as well as played piano in her church on a regular basis. Arianna’s husband, Billy Fourt, is an accomplished keyboard player, violinist, and guitarist and both Arianna and her husband play music together at their church and also hire out for weddings using all instruments that they play. 
Arianna & Billy produce their own music videos of the two of them playing favorite cover tunes including Disney songs, Classical Music, kids songs, Contemporary & traditional Christian music and more. They play music for themselves, for their kids, their family, and their friends. Music is what connects them and helps keep them happy and fulfilled.

picture of Arianna Fourt

picture of Arianna Fourt teaching piano to young studentIn the beginning when Arianna started taking lessons at a young age she really loved in and did her practice and a daily basis for a number of years as she advanced in her playing skills and understanding of music. But then as she entered middle school (Jr High) her ability to play piano and understand music started surpassing her piano teacher so we enrolled Arianna in lessons with a well known high level piano teacher that was known for teaching piano teachers new playing techniques and methods…he was that good. 

This teacher challenged Arianna to play piano in a way that she had not played before and to push herself further musically than she was used to doing. At first it was a struggle for Arianna at the lesson and during weekly practice and when you know one or more of your kids have a natural gift for playing music, as a parent I believe your obligation is to encourage them as much as possible to keep at it, don’t give up, and to move forward. 
Things don’t always come easily but the rewards for perseverance can be great. In fact, I remember Arianna crying sometimes during her practice time at home saying it was too hard and that she wanted to quit…not untypical for a your person being challenged beyond their comfort zone. But with some encouragement by her parents (me and her Mom) and her piano teacher, Arianna kept going, persevered, and went the distance to achieve musical dreams she never though possible. She not only plays the music…but she  feels the music with passion and beauty, and sometimes Arianna becomes the music when she plays. As I mentioned earlier, Arianna became a local piano teacher when she was young and developed a big following of students who learned a lot from her. 
As a Dad I am obviously proud of her for those accomplishments and helping to carry on the family legacy of playing and teaching music to kids because it is such a benefit for their lives and for those around them.

picture of Arianna Fourt

In fact, Arianna became so good as a piano player and plays so many musical styles so well for her age that when she was a junior in high school she started working in a local music store in the sheet music department and one day a college age young man came in to purchase an instrument and Arianna was there to help him. From that point on a relationship developed and a couple years later she and that young man (Billy Fourt) were married and so that story continues today with all four of their children being quite musical with one of them taking violin and piano lessons and the others will follow with an instrument as they get older. If it wasn’t for their initial musical connection bringing them together at that store, their meeting and getting to know each other probably would never have happened, especially given the fact that even though they happened to live within the same general area, they were not part of the same “circle of friends,” went to different schools, and were different ages as well.

picture of Arianna Fourt

Arianna and her husband Billy own an acoustic Grand Piano as well as a couple digital pianos, keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars, a couple sets of drum kits (digital & acoustic) and some pro audio equipment as well. So when they’re not working in their “real jobs” or with their children, they are making music by sharing their musical talents with others or just relaxing by playing music for themselves when their children are not pulling on their sleeves asking for some attention:). Music is all about expressing yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually no matter what age you are…at a very young age or a very old age. 

Learning to play
picture of Arianna Fourt
an instrument and playing good music when young also promotes brain development in ways that impact a person’s learning ability, IQ, and overall skills which is carried through for the rest of a person’s life. Playing music also improves and sustains physical, mental, and spiritual well being at any age. 
It is never too late to learn to play an instrument because I’ve seen taught music to people of all ages and backgrounds for many years and the results of learning to play a musical instrument (especially piano) are always good if you have a good teacher and the lesson is done right, especially when playing good music. Music is everywhere in our society and our world. It is in every country and in many cases helps define a country and its culture. It is the way societies and people groups express themselves and define themselves in many cases. The younger a person starts their piano learning journey, the better it is…but you can start at any age and that experience can still make a great positive difference in your life as you get older.

picture of Arianna Fourt

When you think of getting your kids into music and wonder if it’s the right move for them, my advice is…do not hesitate to give them that opportunity because no matter what, learning to play music will always bring rewards for the student and for the listener even if that student does not move on to advanced levels. It’s all about personal enjoyment, being around music, and doing something that is good for you. It may take more time for some piano students to learn to play as compared to other students because people just learn at different speeds and have different ways of learning things. Everyone is different but I know of few people who do not like music and wouldn’t want to express themselves on a music instrument…especially a good piano. 

Buy one for your child and/or yourself today because time will not grow longer, it will only grow shorter the longer you wait. Get a nice digital piano for your home and be a good encourager for your children when they take their lessons and practice their music at home because they need that. Also,,,you never know what life will bring you in your later years because your parents gave you the opportunity to take piano lessons and learn to play music…my daughter is a prime example of that and she would not have wanted it any other way.

Take a look at a few videos below of my daughter playing piano and singing, and also of her husband Billy Fourt and his music. Hope you enjoy…

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