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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864



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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864
AZ Piano Reviews 2024


Best Digital Piano Reviews USA – for 2024 | Over 400 Expert  Digital Piano Reviews | 40 years experience | Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio, Korg & more | AZ Piano Reviews

Tim & Erik Praskins have helped thousands of people including families, churches, schools, Universities, studios, music teachers, gigging musicians, children, and anyone who likes music with great piano advice and lower prices on all the top digital piano brands for over 40 years. I write and record music, have taught piano to thousands of students, and understand the ins & outs of Digital Pianos like no one else. FREE CONSULTATIONS on the best digital pianos by phone or email to anywhere in the 48 continental US states.


Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021
Erik & Tim (Erik is my very knowledgeable son)


Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021

Find Out How to Buy Top Name Brand New Digital Pianos for VERY LOW PRICES in the USA, including Free Shipping, No Tax, and more. If You Don’t Ask Us 1st, you will likely have spent Too Much Money! ALSO…WE CAN HELP YOU GET CREDIT AND NO INTEREST CHARGES IF PAID WITHIN 6 MONTHS ON MANY DIGITAL PIANO PURCHASES

AZ PIANO REVIEWS is “A division of Arizona Piano Wholesale LLC”

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021


*My name is Tim Praskins and I have been a pro musician, well-known Piano & Keyboard Teacher, and internationally recognized digital piano expert & consultant for more than 40 years. I actually started with my music as a young teenager and have been doing it ever since that time…and that is a long time! I set up AZ PIANO REVIEWS on-line over 10 years ago (before anyone else was doing it) to share my vast knowledge of the ins & outs of good & not so good new digital pianos that I have played over the last 40 years and what people should know about them when shopping for a piano.

Along with my son Erik, the many things we talk about include best beginner digital pianos, best electric digital 88-key pianos less than $1000, pro digital pianos, digital pianos for kids, digital pianos for adults, digital pianos under $1000, the best digital pianos under $2000, the best digital pianos under $2500, comparison review of digital pianos under $7500, the best digital grand pianos, digital piano key actions, piano lessons for kids, piano lessons for adults, top digital pianos, used digital pianos, digital pianos vs acoustic pianos, digital piano warranties, piano pedals (damper, sostenuto, and soft) and what you need to know about them, do good piano teachers recommend digital pianos, digital keyboard vs digital piano – what’s the difference, senior citizens and playing piano, music & Alzheimer’s disease – why music early in life can help you when you get old, piano sound in digital pianos – is it real?, iPad music education apps,…and so much more.

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021
Just so you know…there is not a “one size fits all” digital piano out there…they are all different and have their pluses and minuses. Some brands are actually very poorly made and are even worthy to be called a “piano,” digital or not. So there are brands to stay away from that may look good on the outside but are not good on the inside, and you don’t want to wind up with one of those digital pianos…even if you got it cheap! I refer to those brands and models as PSO’s“Piano Shaped Objects.” They may look like a piano but they don’t behave like one at all and also will likely be unreliable over time.
A piano is generally purchased for music learning and playing enjoyment for a child, an adult, or both. Playing music is one of the most enjoyable things you can do so you need to be sure your doing it with a digital piano has has some minimum standards that will make the enjoyment possible. You don’t want your child to get into “bad playing habits” if they are taking piano lessons.

They should be doing it the right way from the beginning so make sure you don’t get them a poorly made and/or poor playing piano…that would not be good. Same thing for an adult…do it the right way the first time on the best digital piano within your price range.

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021

When we TALK ABOUT NEW DIGITAL PIANOS we not only point out the positive aspects of that model but also the negative aspects as well, assuming that model has some. Because we are able to go throughout the US to a variety of piano and music conventions, special private piano showings, factory warehouses and individual piano stores, we can and do physically play the pianos we talk about so we know what they are actually like and even how they compare to other models. We do not link our site to Amazon or other internet selling sites to get you to buy something there at the going rate.

We are independent from the manufacturers, from Amazon, and from any retail seller on-line. We review the top end expensive furniture cabinet models in a variety of name brands as well as the low priced portable pianos and everything in-between. Many “so-called” reviewers out there are “fake” and have never or rarely played any of the models they talk about. Occasionally there is some useful digital piano info on other review sites but again, they link you to Amazon or regular on-line selling sites.

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021

We are the “real deal” and not only do we have authentic, organic info from our personal playing experiences on these digital pianos, we can also order you a top name digital piano for LESS MONEY than Amazon or internet price incl free shipping, no tax, brand new, with factory warranty and free operational tech support direct from us on many pianos out there. We have been doing all this including doing our reviews longer than anyone else on the internet and we do things no one else is able to do…and it’s because we are the experts in our field of knowledge and piano experience and this includes having a vast understanding of acoustic upright & grand pianos along with digital pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers.

Because of our professional understanding and experience we know what a digital piano should be doing to replicate that “acoustic piano experience” which is what everyone wants out of a new digital piano…to be like the real thing! But how can anyone know if a digital piano is like the “real thing” unless you have years of playing experience on the “real thing” like we do. That’s one of the many reasons we know what we are talking about and you can trust our advice.

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021

I have played on literally hundreds of Steinway, Kawai, and Yamaha acoustic upright & grand pianos for many decades and know what they do, how they perform, what they sound like, and whether or not they play correctly. I have also played many European grand pianos including Austrian Bosendorfers, German Bechstein’s, Italian Fazioli’s, Schimmel’s, and many others. I understand the “organic” of piano sound and what is going on when a note is played in a real piano.

I know what those key actions are supposed to do and how they can help or hinder your playing depending how those key actions are set up. I know when a piano is out-of-tune and whether a digital piano has proper tuning in it…and if the digital piano does not have proper tuning in it then that would be a bad thing because most digital pianos have permanent tuning.
Once the tuning is done and sampled into the digital piano then whatever that is is what you will usually have…permanently. However, there are some digital pianos out there where the tuning and be electronically adjusted with certain “digital tuning parameters” such as stretch tuning curves or individual note tuning adjustments.

But if you don’t get a digital piano with either good solid tuning built in or digital parameters which would allow you to make small adjustments to help the tuning be better, then you will be stuck. I have seen this happen before so you need to be careful. Great acoustic concert grand pianos are so awesome to play and if you ever have the opportunity to do so then you will know what I am talking about.

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021

Do yourself a favor and be sure to contact us with any piano questions you may have by clicking on our banner above and we will personally help you and talk with you on the phone for FREE (if you are in the US)…no obligation. Some people ask us…why do you do all this? Our answer is simple…it’s our passion and we enjoy helping people get into music or move further into playing music with the right piano and doing the right things. Please look through our blog piano review site as we are always adding more content and updates on important piano and music education related subjects.

We do know that sometimes there are limitations to what you can purchase because of price, room size, or other considerations. But that should not be a deterrent to getting a good instrument that you can keep for awhile. Please look through our reviews and info and we thank you for visiting!

Best Digital Piano Reviews - 350 reviews for 2021
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  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for all your hardwork on this site. I am not in the USA or I would I have contacted you to buy a piano. Based on your reviews and top 3 ratings by budget, I had my daughter try out some digital pianos locally. She loved some way out of our price range but she did like the Korg C1 Air and Kawai CA48. We let her decide which one felt better for her. We ended up with the CA48. Thank you again.

  2. Hey Tim. I love your reviews. Do you have any more info from Yamaha concerning when they will be able to ship CLP 785s? I was going to order one but when I called Yamaha USA Music chat and asked the chat person that question he said “One to Two years.” I was flabbergasted! Then I asked “What’s the problem? Is it chips primarily and he responded “You know what the problem is!” Well, I really don’t know. I was able to buy an interim piano – a P515 which was manufactured in March in Indonesia. Things were shipping from their factory 4 months ago so shipping delays weren’t super outrageous then.
    Thanks for any updates.

  3. I was going to buy a Suzuki mdg-330, my daughter has played piano for about a decade now. She liked the feel of it when we visited guitar center. Better then any other floor models they had. Including the Yamaha.
    But after reading your review I decided not to buy it. But now am torn as to what I can by at around that cost.
    She continues to play at home on an older acoustic piano and its just time to replace it with something more modern.
    I do need some help deciding. 🙂

  4. I cannot say enough about dealing with Tim and his son Eric to make a purchase of the YAMAHA Clavinova CLP-795GP Digital Grand Piano. Loved their pricing and how quickly they could get a piano delivered that is in high demand. They went out of their way to answer questions form both me and my wife. Highly recommend AZ Piano.

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