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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864

Piano lessons for Kids - top 5 reasons for success

UPDATE: Nov 1, 2023 – Piano Lessons for your kids | Using Learning Technology for 2023 | Piano lessons is one of the best things you can do for your children these days! Please don’t ever say the word “if or when” with regard to piano lessons for your children. It should never be “if they like it, if they ask for it long enough, if they do well in other things, if I think they deserve it, if, if, if.” 

Also, do not say “when they’re ready,” “when they prove to me they’re ready,” “when I’m ready,” when I get enough money or time to make it happen (although money is obviously important), when they get old enough, when they have messed around on their little cheap keyboard long enough (I hear that one a lot), when I find a teacher, when my child behaves better at home, when, when, when.

pictures of children playing pianoThere are always excuses, but keeping kids away from the joy of playing music is one of the most regretful decisions you as a parent or guardian could make in furthering the lives of your kids. I do understand that there are money issues for some families as far as paying for local lessons and/or buying a piano/keyboard, etc. However there are inexpensive ways to temporarily get around that situation so even the money excuse can be resolved for most families and I can tell you how to do that. 

Kids and adults are naturally attracted to music and most kids like to move to music even when they’re 1 year old or less. It’s natural and one of the most natural things they relate to. Music is in our cars, our ear-buds, in stores, restaurants, church, walkways, the internet, YouTube, parking lots, on the street, in videos, in movies, on TV (American Idol, X-Factor, themes to shows, etc), on our iPhone and iPod…it is everywhere around the world and in the universe! Imagine our world and life without music?…wouldn’t that be terrible!?

musical notes rainbow
So why is music everywhere you go? Because it can make you feel good or feel sad, or feel joyful, or feel a personal connection…music brings out feelings that you can relate to and it’s a way to express yourself unlike anything else out there.
In the Arts there is also dance, singing (my 3 daughters sing), playing other instruments, painting, sculpting, and other forms of expression which also are great to do. But there is something simple, primal, and deeply moving when hearing or playing certain kinds of music on a piano. Unless you have experienced this for yourself, you cannot know what your kids are really missing out on if you deny them the opportunity of getting piano lessons, learning to play, and encouraging them along the way as opposed to hoping they will fail because it costs you (the parent) money, time, and energy to support your child in this way. Your child cannot do this for him/herself. 

They don’t have the money and ability to take lessons without your help to get them the right piano and the right teacher whether that teacher be local, internet, CD lessons, iPad lessons, or someone else that can teach them. Playing piano also helps greatly in learning to sing and being able to play other instruments well (which I recommend). I don’t think piano is the only instrument which people should play, but it is definitely a foundational instrument and one that allows for a better understanding of music overall.

pictures of children playing piano
pictures of children playing pianoKids these days are busy! I know that because I have 4 grown children who were always busy with school activities, outside activities, homework, sports, plus both parents working, so adding piano lessons takes planning. When my kids were growing up but we made sure they all had the opportunity to take piano lessons…and they did (I did not teach them but other teachers did:). We took time, energy, and spent money, but it was worth it to see the positive things it did for them. Playing piano stimulates the mind, helps with creativity, allows kids to do better with regular school curriculum (makes em’ smarter), gives them self confidence, and helps to make them overall happier people based on all my experience teaching kids how to play piano for over 35 years. Your kids do not need to become professional or get to an advanced playing skill level because it’s all about personal enjoyment and playing recreationally

Two of my daughters became piano teachers themselves although that was not my goal for them at all, it just happened because they loved playing music so much and wanted others to enjoy it as well. Another
daughter became a flute teacher (same scenario) although they all have their full-time “civilian jobs” now and the teaching is part-time at this point. My son Erik plays digital & acoustic
pictures of children playing piano
piano, guitar, and drums, and my wife and I play multiple instruments (quite a musical family but I believe most families should and could be that way given the opportunity). I teach piano, keyboard, and guitar out of my studio and have taught thousands of students over the years. 
Adults say to me all the time, “I wish I would have taken lessons when I was young but my parents didn’t give me that opportunity” or they say “my parents let me quit when it looked like I wasn’t doing well and I didn’t want to practice, and I wish they had not done that.” But I say “it’s never too late,” especially with the technology we have now (like the iPad and music learning apps, interactive music training with teachers on-line, etc) and how that helps to stimulate students to practice and enjoy the experience! It almost doesn’t seem like work when using all the cool stuff that can help kids learn to play and it makes the practice time go by fast:).

pictures of children playing piano
Digital upright piano

Listening to music, dancing, and singing to music is awesome and kids should do that too, but playing a musical instrument (especially piano) is even better. Do it for your kids, do it for yourself, and do it for your soul and survival (your personal getaway)…you will never regret it. Invest the money, time, and energy, and get the right piano (digital pianos are the way to go for most families), a good caring teacher, and the right piano curriculum and teaching aids (like iPad piano learning apps) and you and your family will be blessed beyond measure. Perhaps someday your child and/or yourself will be playing on a Steinway 9′ concert grand piano like the little girl in the picture.

See my other report on Why your child should be given the opportunity of playing music and taking lessons: Giving your children the GIFT of Music!

*Take a look at this short video below of what can happen when you give the child you love the gift of music and piano lessons! They will love you for it too:)

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  1. Hi Tim,

    I have been following your piano site for quite some time, but this post about teaching kids to partake in piano lessons really struck a chord with me, so I wanted to offer my two cents.

    I think you ABSOLUTELY hit the nail on the head when you said that kids should be encouraged to play the piano–even if it's just recreationally. I think a lot of parents get caught up the worry of overwhelming their kids, or thinking their children need to be walking prodigies in order to play the piano. And the truth is, not everyone needs to become Rachmaninov or Horowitz or Rubinstein. And most won't be, and that's totally okay.

    I really do agree with you that, essentially, instead of parents focusing on the potential negatives that come with piano lessons for their kids (stress, money, time, etc), they should instead look at all the positives. It's an involvement in an after school activity. It stimulates the mind, and it's an amazing skill one can hone–even if it's just being able to one day impress friends and family members during the holidays.

    I don't have kids yet, but I would definitely encourage them to play the piano–or really ANY instrument–while they're still young. If they were into some rock and roll, then maybe guitars or drums would be preferred. If they appreciated some classical pieces, then the violin or flute could work. And if they dig jazz, the saxophone would be a nice challenge.

    Great article!

  2. Thank you for your comments and yes, kids learning to play piano should be about the fun and joy and not the eventual outcome with regard to skill level, practice time, etc, etc. Discipline will always be a necessary part of any worthwhile learning endeavor at any age, but it needs to come with the knowledge that personal enjoyment and positive feedback from parents, friends, relatives, etc is critical to the entire student learning experience:).

  3. Hi Tim, I like your digital piano reviews.
    in your opinion, which digital piano would be good for say, 5 yr olds?
    those very similar to real piano (eg. casio PX 750)? or those very playful types (eg. yamaha DGX 650 – with so many tones and LCD)?

    I'm just thinking between making the kids more interested or making the kids experience as close possible to a real piano?

    thank you very much….

  4. I totally agree with you about exposing kids to music at an early age.

    I did not do that with all my kids and I have lived to regret it. So I am trying to make up for it by supporting music for muy grandkids by purchasing pianos (I purchased one from you) and instructional keyboards–I just wish these types of instruments had been available in the 80's when my kids were growing up.

  5. Hello Tim,
    You are right keeping away kids from piano is not a good decision We should encourage the kids in early stage of life, as it improves the growth of child in many ways

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