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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864
Casio AP220 piano

UPDATED REVIEW October 7, 2014 – CASIO AP220 & AP420 pianos are DISCONTINUED but still may be available at a couple of on-line dealersThe
Casio AP220 & AP420 were good pianos in their day, but the newer “50” series is
far better and vastly upgraded in terms of realistic piano key action,
piano sound, and pedaling sustain response. If given the option of
buying the AP220 or AP420 for a reduced discontinued price or buying the new
Casio AP250 or PX750 piano for a similar price or the PX850 for a slightly higher
price, I would recommend you go with the newer models. Casio America
also has the upgraded Privia PX850 digital piano over the AP420 in terms
of much better piano key
action movement, the keys themselves the quality, response
& expression of piano sound with much improved acoustic piano
realism, more realistic pedaling sound reproduction, and upgraded
internal speaker systems. 

AP420 & AP220 now discontinued – PREVIOUS REVIEW from 2012 – Casio is a famous electronics company from Tokyo, Japan using the latest in robotic and digital manufacturing technology for their digital pianos and other products. I know this because I had the privilege some years ago to visit the Casio piano factory in Osaka, Japan and was very impressed with what I saw. Casio has been making their digital piano line for 30 years which is a very long time in the world of digital piano technology, so they know what they’re doing. Also, as just about everyone knows, Casio is well known for good quality, low priced calculators, cameras, watches, keyboards, and many other electronic devices. I have personally owned Casio products through the years and they have been reliable and useful.

Casio AP220 piano

The Casio AP220 & AP420 digital piano models have improvements from previous Celviano models including better piano tone quality and dynamic expression along with 128-note polyphony (for better & smoother tone playability), nice acoustic piano touch, fairly good action response, improved piano sound, 16 instrument sounds, an SD memory card slot in the AP420 for standard midi song recording and playback), USB output for computer & iPad connection, and layering & keyboard split of 2 tones at one time, & 

Casio AP220 piano

They also include sliding key covers and matching padded piano benches. The cabinets are in a simulated medium brown wood grain finish as well as a satin black color as I mentioned earlier  (above left pic). The AP420 has 40 watts of audio power using 4 speakers as opposed to 16 watts and 2 speakers on the AP220, although the AP220 still sounds better than other digital pianos in its price range. However, for just a bit more money the newer AP250 is dramatically improved, especially in key action, more realistic piano sound, and much better damper pedal sustain time. When it comes to playing piano and investing your money, do it right the 1st time. I have written some detailed blog reviews of the current model Casio
PX750 & PX850, along with the AP250 so click on the
the links below to find out more about these impressive pianos:)

Casio PX850 piano
Casio PX850

Casio PX750 review
Casio PX850 review
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If you want more info on digital pianos as well as lower prices than internet or store discounts, please email me at :  or call direct at 602-571-1864 

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  1. Interesting observations regarding the AP420 against the AP620. Believe me, if I was living in the US I would go for the 620, but the prices of these pianos in Europe is significantly higher than in the US – the average seems to be 1250 EUR for the 420 and 1450 EUR for the 620. That means the 620 over here is nearly the equivalent of $2,000!

  2. That IS a big difference in price. However, still a good value and relatively low priced as compared to other brands in the same price range. I guess living in Europe simply costs more money in some ways, but hopefully it is worth it:)

  3. The YDP140 is discontinued and the YDP141 is the new model. The Casio new AP220 has the 128-note polyphony and the new 3-sensor key action which is their best technology and is a smoother and more realistic touch and tone. The Yamaha uses the GHS action which is there lowest technology. In my opinion the AP220 is the better piano and it costs $200 less money.

  4. Hi Gabe,

    Both pianos and brands are very nice but there are some things you should know about first to make the right decision. So with regard to that, it's easier if you could email me (my email address is on this blog) and then leave your phone number there so I can call you directly (assuming you are in the continental US). Then I would be happy to talk about this in more detail.



  5. Hello. By the way where do you live?

    I have written a blog article about the Yamaha CLP320 vs the new Yamaha YDP161. You might want to take a look at that as well. The link is at:

    As for the Casio AP420, it's a very nice piano and does offer (in my opinion) more in the way of newer technology along with a better cabinet, more sounds, and the ivory touch piano feel. However, for just a few hundred US dollars more, the AP620 is the much better choice and worth the extra dollars.

  6. ^
    I live in Canada. I read the article and I was wondering if the keys for the Casio AP 420 is heavier than the Yamaha CLP 320.

  7. We are looking to buy a piano for the kids to learn on. Only problem is that an acoustic piano would be too hard to get into our house. Were looking into the Yamaha YDP 161…but thought the 181 would be a better long term choice….now I see that you recommend the Casio AP620. What do you think about any of these vs the old acoustic piano? Is it ok for a child to learn on a digital piano instead of an acoustic piano?

  8. You ask a good question as far as "Is it ok for a child to learn on a digital piano instead of an acoustic piano?" If you plan to buy your child a high quality grand piano, that would be very nice. But actually technology in digital pianos (especially like the Casio AP620) allows a piano student (of any age) to have more productive practice sessions at home with a better understanding of musical concepts. And the AP620 has an especially good piano touch and tone to simulate many good acoustic upright pianos. Beyond that, most digital pianos will not go out of tune and playing a piano in tune is especially important. And the ability to use headphones on occasion for silent practice allows more more practice time in most households. So I recommend digital pianos to many of my students and friends as I also recommend many advanced digital products such as cell phones, digital cameras, and so on because essentially they allow for more productivity in ways not possible in the past. The digital piano can be and is a fabulous tool for better & more productive learning when it comes to playing and understanding music and used properly. And that's the goal of music teachers and piano students, to achieve a better outcome. You may email or call me directly for more info on the Yamaha YDP pianos as well as the Casio Celviano's.

  9. Hi Tim, thanks for your sharing. I am also considering between Roland F110(I like it's size, small and beautiful), Yamaha CLP-330(some friends suggest this because of GH3 action), and Casio AP420 or AP620 (after see your blog). My purpose is for 4 yrs old child to learn piano. Could you give me some advise? (I lived at Taiwan.)

  10. I like the Casio AP620 especially because not only does it have a very good key touch action and piano tone, but it can play back MIDI song files (in the full general MIDI format) using the SD card. This is especially helpful for music education and provides better results (in my opinion) when practicing piano lessons at home. The CLP330 uses a flash drive but cannot play back general MIDI format. The Roland cannot do either one. Both the Yamaha & Roland are nice, but not near as effective for music education as the Casio AP620. Based on my experience, the AP620 is a solid, reliable piano in a great looking cabinet that should be enjoyable for many years.

  11. I would be happy to answer that question for you but I would need to ask you a few questions first before I could answer your question correctly. You may email me directly to discuss

  12. Hi, I was wondering whether you would choose AP220 or PX130 if they have the same pricing and why. Its to be used by my 7 years old daughter.

  13. Both pianos are generally very similar and the electronic specs are the same. However, it depends on a few different factors as to why one might be better than another so there is no one best answer. If you wish to inquire further about your particular situation, please email me direct and then I can better answer your question.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for great postings and great review side. After reading your reviews I decided to go for Casio AP620 , but I have a question if it is the right time. Will there be an update from Casio for this model in the near time? Do you have any info about it, there is a lot of discount on the ap420 and ap620 models, so that comes to my mind.

  15. Hi,
    I found your reviews very helpful. Thank you. I would like to ask you if you know anything about Casio ap45 because in my country casio ap620 is not available. Also I'm considering Yamaha ydp161 or ydp141. I saw you are very keen on casio ap620, but i'm not able to buy it in my country. I would be very grateful if you give me an advice.

  16. I'm from Romania. There are just two sites were i can buy from and they don't offer so many products. In my price range there would be hemingway dp701, yamaha clp320M and casio ap45. I'm very interested in the sound of the piano. I really need one that has a good sustain and touch function. Thank you so much for your help!

  17. Thanks for the great review. I've played on an acoustic piano for roughly 10 years – mostly classical music. I'm looking to start playing again and considering two options:

    1. The Casio AP-420 (in my country the AP-620 is MUCH more expensive)

    2. The Yamaha YDP-161

    I've played on the AP-420 and it sounded nice (although, for some reason I preferred the sound of the AP-220).

    I've also played on the Yamaha YDP-141 and really disliked it, however their CLP-430 was great, but not in my budget range.


  18. You say that AP420 has a touch and tone similar to an acoustic upright, but how does it compare to a grand?
    The MRP of AP420 here in India is about 1400$ whilst the Korg SP 250 costs about 1000$. You get an idea of the pricing here. Other that the question I asked earlier, I'd like to ask, what other pianos must I consider? My budget stretches only as far as 1500$.


  19. Hi, My wife really wants to get a digital piano, and she actually picked one, Yamaha YDP-141. But after reading your post, I think Casio AP-420 seems to be better and even cheaper. My wife plays piano well and she said she almost wanted to be a professional piano player – She is a math teacher now 🙂
    I like some additional features with Casio, whereas my wife does not care. She just wants to buy a solid piano that can work for years…Would you please suggest one for us? Thanks in advance!

  20. Purchasing a piano for my 10 yr old and 8 yr old beginners. But would like something they can grow with. Also weighted realistic keys are important because they are learning on a grand piano. Looking at Casio Celviano AP-420 or 220 or Yamaha P95.


  21. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the info. Compared with Kurzweil MP10, which one is better, AP-620 OR MP10? They are about the same price range. All I need is a piano with good piano sound and well built.


  22. I have a Casio PX100, now thinking of upgrade. In your article there ise not much mentioning of AP220, so which one is better for the $, AP220 or AP420. Any advice?

  23. I am not impressed at all with the key action on the MP10 and would not recommend it. Piano sound is more subjective in nature so either one may work for you.

  24. Both are good for the price although I think the AP420 offers more for the money and is worth the upgrade, especially in the US. If you want more info, please email me directly

  25. How would these compare:
    Casio PX350, AP220, AP420, AP620 and Kawai CE220.

    From a feel of the keys + sound quality + usb connectivity features perspective, which one would you suggest for my 8yo son?

    Thanks in advance,

  26. That is a good question and will need a more detailed response from me so please email me direct at my email address and then I can help you further

  27. I am considering purchasing a digital piano for my wife. She is a proficient pianist but has not played nor had regular access to a piano since college (eight years ago). I know nothing of pianos but have read good reviews of the Casio AP220. I know the weighted feel of the keys will be important. What are your thoughts?

  28. Tim, thanks for your reviews. I trust your comments more than others on other review websites.

    I have decided to buy a Casio AP-420 (which comes with headphones and an SD card) for $799 @ Costco, probably so cheap because it's discontinued. I decided against the Adagio KDP-8826M.

  29. Tim,

    Thank you for your reviews! I have been looking up reviews online and I enjoy and trust your comments. Your website is a great resource. I have decided to buy a Casio AP-420, currently $799 @ Costco (probably because it's discontinued). I decided against the Adagio KDP-8826M.

  30. Hi Tim!

    I would like to try and decide between a Casio AP-220 and a Casio AP-420. I know they're discontinued, but I can purchase either from a store here in town.

    The instrument would be used by our children to learn. I am not musically inclined, so I'm really not sure how to compare.

    Is the 420 that much better than the 220?


  31. The AP420 does have enough advantages over the AP220 to make it a better long term investment in my opinion. The bench, cabinet, speaker system, and keys themselves are all upgraded on the AP420. You can also save recorded practice songs to a SD memory card on the AP420 but not on a 220.

  32. Hi Tim, thanks so much for your advice.

    You are recommending against the AP220 now that the new models are out, but what if it is now going for $599? Do you think that still represents a good value at that price point, or would I be better off with the new PX150?


  33. Hi,
    I`m in canada…I want to buy a digital piano for my son(9) and daughter(8)…They are beginners…I `m not an expert myself and confused between AdagioKDP-8826 and Casio Celviano AP-220 from costco…what do you suggest?

  34. PX850 is usually quite a bit less money in the US so the 850 is the better purchase. If they are the same price then either one depending on which cabinet style you like best

  35. Hi Tim:
    I have the opportunity to purchase a Celviano AP-22S piano and would like to know what it is worth. It was offered to me, but I would like to pay something for it that would be fair. It hasn't been played regularly for about 4 or more years. Any information you could provide would be most helpful.
    Thank you

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