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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864
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UPDATED REVIEW – January 5, 2014 – Yamaha CLP465GP – Recommended – The Yamaha Piano Company has a line of Clavinova CLP digital pianos called the 400 series, which also includes the CLP465GP digital baby grand (approx $4500-$5000US store discount price, left pic). I have previously reviewed the CLP430, 440, 470, and 480 upright series on my blog. The 400 series has a newer sound chip which produces a nice acoustic piano sound and I do like them very much. Although it is a good solid performer and has solid key movement & dynamic response, in my opinion the key action movement itself is a bit stiff to push down from resting position (called static touch weight). To me, that is the one drawbacks of the GH3 (or GH) key action especially when playing more delicately or softer, however it is still good overall and produces little physical key noise compared to some other digital piano brands.

digital grand piano
CLP465GP with bench

The first (vertical style) piano in the lineup of the 400 upright style pianos is the CLP430. The CLP430 piano sells at discount for approx $2800US in polished ebony finish depending on the dealer in US Yamaha piano stores.  The new Yamaha 3’8″ deep CLP465GP digital baby grand is the identical piano to the CLP430 in every way except for the upgraded CLP465 speaker system & audio power (80 watts stereo into 4 speakers), ivory feel keytops (not on the CLP430), and the obvious differences in cabinet style. The CLP465GP has 128-notes of polyphony memory which is very good, 14 nice instrument tones (which is not much in this price range), the ability to layer two sounds together, and also offers key transpose which is good. It has a two track MIDI recorder/player and has a 1 track WAV file (CD quality) audio recorder which is adequate, although I do like the audio wav file recorder which allows you to take your recording and save it on a USB flash drive (in the piano USB flash drive port). You can then insert the flash drive into a home computer to save the audio song file you created for storage or burning to CD or to attach to an email for sending it to someone else. The piano also has a USB output for computer connection so you can have access to great music education and creation programs. 

So basically, the CLP465GP small digital baby grand is more than $2000 over the CLP430 (basic non-polished finish) and around $1500 more in polished ebony finish version of the CLP430 to get the small grand cabinet shape and construction with a better built-in speaker system, ivory touch keys, and a very nice (and elegant) upgraded matching baby grand style bench. The price for this model is quite a premium over the CLP430 including the fact that the legs on the CKP465GP do not have casters on the bottom of them and the top lid is a small one piece style instead of the traditional 2-piece lid you find on real baby grands. The bench and extra sound quality are upgraded over the CLP430, so overall the CLP465GP is a solid piano and a very attractive piece of furniture in a good smaller size (without being too small). And yes…it’s a Yamaha instrument which is typically great quality in digital pianos.

digital grand piano
Samick SG310

Another digital baby grand piano you should consider that competes in a some ways with the Yamaha and has even more digital features to offer, but for less money, is the Samick SG450. The SG450 has a 4’1″ deep cabinet with more realistic baby grand cabinet features along with its more powerful speaker and audio system (120 watts stereo into 6 speakers), and it has built-in digital piano educational features and instrument sounds. As far as piano tone and touch, in my opinion the Samick SG450 is quite nice but lacks the 128-note polyphony of the Yamaha (only 64 note polyphonic piano memory for the Samick which is OK for most people) but there are many fun, exciting educational & fun features on the Samick the Yamaha does not have. The price of the Samick SG450 is also about $1000 less (normal store discount prices) than the Yamaha so it is certainly more affordable. But as far as key action & piano sound realism goes, the Yamaha would may be better choice, but you do pay for that privilege:) For more info on the Samick SG450 as well as other Samick digital baby grand models, go to this link to see my complete review:  
Review – Samick Digital Baby Grands

Overall, I do recommend the Yamaha CLP465GP piano for someone who wants a quality instrument and convincing piano sound along with nice but minimal features and functions, and doesn’t mind being in the approx $4500-$5000 price range (average store discount price). But for me personally, it’s still quite a bit to pay for what is really a basic CLP430 in a small baby grand style cabinet with only a couple of upgraded features over the CLP430. The CLP465GP really should be (at the very least) a baby grand version of the CLP440 or better yet, a baby grand version in a better, more realistic cabinet of the CLP470 at around $5000 or so…then we’d have something special. But at the end of the day it’s all about playing and enjoying music and you can definitely do that very nicely on this and other digital pianos. As always, I suggest that people do their research before making that final buying decision.

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  1. How are these digital pianos compared to the acoustic baby grand pianos (not just sound, but actually playing feel)? Which one would you say is closest to the acoustic baby grand piano in terms of feel of the keyboard?

  2. Could you please let me know where I could buy a CLP-465GP at around $4000? Or do I have to negotiate with the dealer? I went to the dealer today and the price is approx $4,900. Thanks.

  3. Today I went to the local Costco warehouse (Brookfield Ct), and the Yamaha piano folks were there for an in-store ten day event. The salesman and I discussed the Artesia, and he told me read the online reviews. We wanted a baby grand piano look so I bought the Yamaha CLP 465 PE for $4,300 plus tax and delivery.

  4. Are you happy with your purchase? I went to my local Costco and saw it today and it looks and sounds good for the price range, but I do not know anything about pianos. Do you think is a good starter piano?


  5. Sorry I did not see this request sooner. Yes, my wife is very pleased with the Yamaha. She is a beginner, and wanted the "grand piano" look. So we would say it is a good starter piano, although there are nearly equivalent Yamaha Pianos for less money. I would add that she did not like the Yamaha bench, so we bought a little bit longer adjustable bench; it also has a compartment for music and thicker padding. Perhaps you can negotiate a lower price without the stock bench.

  6. Hi Tim, Have you done a follow-up review on the baby grand piano for the 500 series – CLP 565GP?

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