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AZ PIANO REVIEWS – The #1 Most Trusted Digital Piano Review & News Blog in the world! LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! Free ship, no tax on most items. Don’t order anywhere until you check with Tim & Erik Praskins 1st! Email us at or call 602-571-1864
10 worst Digital Pianos 2021

November & December 2021 – The 10 Worst Digital Pianos of 2021 |  Let’s get one thing straight right away! Some music store salespeople and many all independent on-line “so-called” review sites have almost no idea what they are talking about in my opinion when it comes to 88-key digital pianos. They probably rarely or never play them, they seem like they regurgitate things they have seen people say on the internet, and many of them likely don’t even play the piano.

I have read those so-called reviews, been into multiple music stores 100’s of times over the years, and the info they have is sometimes so wrong it’s laughable…but in reality it’s sad because you might believe it and buy the wrong thing, and many people do. 

These so-called “independent reviewers”, Amazon linked reviewers, and “salespeople” probably only want your money to make a commission and/or affiliate fees and probably know very little about the products they talk about or represent. Some of these on-line review sites can’t even write with good, proper grammar let alone have ever played what they talk about as I mentioned earlier, which makes it more confusing to decipher and understand. 
If these people (especially on-line “review sites”) had actually played the instruments they talk about, they would have never said the things that they say because their comments are so easy for you to check out and verify. If you don’t believe me just ask me because I can site lots of current examples.

10 Worst Digital Pianos

On Sale, Best Price, 80% off, buy here, go here, internet reviews that eventually take you to or other similar sites…there is ALWAYS some sort of sale going on in music stores and web sites. When shopping for a digital piano at on-line or local
digital piano & music stores, it’s difficult to know who and
what to trust. By definition, a music or piano store is normally there to sell
you something. 

Whether it’s an acoustic piano, digital piano, keyboard,
guitar, band & orchestral instrument, percussion, or other
music related product, they sell you something…and
that’s OK. After all, they have business overhead to worry about such as paying
for their store, paying for their inventory, paying for their
salespeople, paying for their taxes, their utilities, and other expenses. 
it comes to the products and brands a store (local or internet) sells, it’s likely that
store will not say bad things about their product. In most cases a store
will only say positive things about the product they sell, otherwise why
would they be a dealer for that product? So by definition, if a store
needs to make money (and they all do), then they cannot possibly be
unbiased towards the products they carry vs products they do not carry. 
Even these accessory bundles or packages you see on-line or in stores can be deficient in many cases because they may include the cheapest low quality accessories just to keep the price down and make it look like you are getting something for nothing…but you really aren’t. Before you buy any package of bundle deal, contact me first because we can help you, give you the right advice, and also help you purchase new digital pianos for quite a bit less money including free shipping, no tax, brand new.

don't throw your money away

Don’t throw your money away and pay too much! Whatever a store sells is always going to be better than a product which that store does not
sell (according to the salespeople there)…does that make sense? In other words, you’ll rarely hear a store
tell you “go and buy my competitors piano because it’s better than what
I have.” 

This just does not happen (haha). But in reality that store is in business to sell product…right? For stores and some internet sites, it’s “about selling” and not about really helping you, although there are some very good places that still do care about you…and you are welcome to ask me who they are with regard to US companies. 
With that in mind, when it comes to digital pianos, the stores need to make a profit on that sale and the bigger
the profit on a particular brand and model of digital piano, the more
likely that store and its salespeople will tell you that you need that piano and nothing else will do. 
However, that piano may not be a good one for you but you may never know that because you may not understand the way a piano key action really needs to feel and work so that it plays music correctly, or how the pedal(s) should operate, or how the dynamic sound needs to respond.

Fake piano reviews

Then there are so-called piano “review” sites that are really private people using Amazon links to make money. When you see someone reviewing pianos and everything they review is linked to Amazon, they just want you to buy that product from Amazon so they can make money off of you regardless of how poor or wrong that product may actually be for you. 

It costs nothing for a so-called reviewer to link their site to Amazon or other internet selling sites so that you can buy that product off their link. I would suggest you run away as fast as you can if you see a web site or review site that links everything they have to Amazon, eBay or similar sites. 
I have seen false and misleading info given on these selling and review sites just so you’ll buy the product. Can you really trust these places (sites) to give you good reliable info?…I for one do not trust them because I have seen positive recommendations for bad or inferior pianos from store web sites or so-called review sites that seem to not care about what they say as long as it gets you to buy something. STAY AWAY from these places and do not trust them if you want reliable info!

tricky salesperson

There are definitely music & piano stores and salespeople in the
US and around the world who can be trusted and those
companies have usually been there for many years and have earned their
reputation with a lot of history to show for it.
Always ask how long
that store has been in business and how long that salesperson has worked
there. It can be a good indicator of what you should & should
not believe about what they tell you. 

A new local music store with little or no history may be a good place to shop, but you may also be better off going to an established dealer in the community (or on-line) because they may be able to offer better service and better pricing. This is also true with on-line sites and so-called reviewers as far as them having experience and knowing what they are talking about.

teacher and child

A salesperson is by definition, a salesperson.
He or she may know something about the product they sell,
but he or she is there to SELL you something and the more profit that
is in a particular brand or model
(assuming they have a variety of
brands & models), the more incentive that salesperson has to
push that product on you regardless of whether that item is good for
your musical needs or not. 

A salesperson who also teaches music in a music store, or a teacher who is also a salesperson
in a music store cannot (by default) be neutral because they are
usually required by that store to say only good things about the
products that particular store sells…even though that “teacher” may
not like that piano very much. 
They are normally required and compelled
into saying good things only. On the other hand, there are some fabulous
pianos in music stores where music lessons take place and those
teachers really do love those instruments because those products are
really good:). But who can you trust and how do you really know?

on all my years of teaching, shopping, and piano buying experience
(which is much more than most people), as I mentioned earlier, you are likely just a “commission” for many salespeople at music stores and amazon linked sites and they may have little regard for your
long-term musical goals & needs.
Also, just because a particular brand of digital
piano may be famous or popular does not automatically make one of their
models worth owning as compared to other brands & models. 

I have
seen popular brands in past years like Yamaha, Roland, Kurzweil, and
others, produce models that were not as good as other piano brands
or models in a similar price range. In fact, there are some (popular)
digital piano brands right now that build models which have
noticeable and important deficiencies which can inhibit a person’s
ability to learn & play piano properly. Just because they are a name brand does not mean everything they offer is the best choice.
But yet there are
on-line & local piano & music stores in the US who say
nothing but good things about these deficient pianos when in reality
those pianos may have problems with poor key action movement, bad piano
sound, small dynamic range, low polyphony, poor functionality, or a
track record of poor reliability. 

Piano key action

A good digital piano should give
you years of enjoyment as long as it does the fundamentals correctly.
Some store dealers will go to the trouble of producing their
own product videos which can be helpful, but unfortunately when it
comes to the key action, which is the #1 most important thing to look for
in a digital piano, you obviously cannot feel it or play it from a video.
It is
very easy for a salesperson/demonstrator to make any key action seem good in a video but you cannot really trust what you see when it comes to physically moving key actions and I can tell you that from much experience. 

As an example, there are certain brands and models of digital pianos that have
stiff key actions when playing more delicate music and pressing the keys
lightly. If you were to push a key on a regular good acoustic piano and
then push a key on one of these digital pianos, you would immediately notice a huge difference. A piano key action is of the utmost importance and I talk about key actions a lot in my reviews and will let you know when a key action is bad and when it is good based on fundamentals of moving piano keys as compared to a real acoustic piano.

Happy piano player man

I am a long time experienced digital piano pro musician & piano teacher and have played all of the latest
brands and models now and throughout my long 45 year music career (I
started very young as a musician – piano, organ, guitar – and originally as a young guitar teacher).
  I do not have a local store or warehouse, I don’t
have an on-line shopping cart, I don’t link to Amazon to make commissions, I do not need to sell pianos to pay for
overhead because I don’t have a store and don’t need the money. 

I don’t need to reach sales goals or achieve high profit margins, or to say good things about bad
pianos (and there are some as I mentioned before). I do like to help people get good new
digital pianos at low prices because I have always been able to do that
for myself and I know how, and that would include all brands and models.  
I will tell you what is good, what to stay away from, and how
much you should be spending on a particular brand and model of new
digital piano. I am also an expert on older digital pianos in the US (I
have played nearly all of them) and can tell you whether a used one is a good investment or not.

Fake reviews

When someone at a music store or so-called (pretend) review site tells you they are unbiased about digital
piano brands but they are working for or in an actual music store or linked to Amazon
shopping cart ads,
that statement is a “red flag” when it
comes to whether you can actually trust what they tell
you. When they make claims such as a specific piano having “perfect sound & key action-touch,” then they are simply being untruthful in my opinion because the only “perfect piano sound & key action” is in a regular acoustic piano. Many of the newer digital pianos are getting very close to real acoustic pianos in the way they sound & play and are indeed very enjoyable pianos to own for many years.

*The 10 worst digital pianos are chosen by us based on our playing experience with each one of these pianos. They are the worst simply because they don’t play anything like a real piano but instead they play like toys or just have some serious playability issues. Do yourself a favor and buy a better “name brand” digital piano. Contact us and we will give you very helpful advice and also much lower prices than Amazon or Internet.

Want to know the latest 10 “Worst” Digital Pianos? 

* My feelings about the pianos on this list are based on my personal playing experiences with them. They are my opinions based on how a real acoustic upright or grand piano plays and what that experience is like. You may like one or more of the digital pianos on this list and that is fine. But for me, I would never recommend them when it comes to playing more like a real piano.

If you want up-to-date info on the 10 worst digital piano models then please email or call me.

Lower prices than Amazon

most families and piano buyers, a good new digital piano will be an
enjoyable playing and listening experience as long as you understand
what they are supposed to do and any limitations or truly helpful features they may have.
Once you
understand that then you will become a better shopper and seek out more
info from other stores and on-line sources and not spend any more money than you have to.  

I will be happy to help and give you FREE
piano buying and price advice because as a long time piano, keyboard,
organ, and guitar teacher, and pro musician, I want the very best for all piano students
and people who enjoy playing the piano! That’s what it’s all about for me:). If you do want to purchase a new digital pianos then we can definitely help you to order one for a lot less money than Amazon and internet prices.

If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

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